Free Child Seat

To ensure that every passenger has a hassle-free and comfortable travel through the streets of Colindale, UK Private Transfers 247 Ltd Colindale has introduced a new service that includes a free baby seat for the child. Our business is a family business, and just as we don’t want to see one of our own children in danger, we also care about the others. Although using a baby seat is not required, we do it in order to provide newborns with a comfortable and legal journey. For a comfortable ride in the chauffeur service, we have a wide selection of infant seats for children from newborn to 12 years old. Safety is our top priority, and we take pride in the ability to transport both the customer and the child safely.

We’ve noticed that although the majority of businesses don’t offer child seats or charge extra for them, UK Private Transfers 247 chauffeur service does so for no charge in order to provide customers with good service. Since data indicates that car accidents are the leading cause of infant death, UK Private Transfers 247 Ltd’ first goal is safety; we don’t want to take a chance by making risky choices, therefore we must take all necessary precautions to offer a comfortable journey.

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